The act of providing someone with something valuable
for no personal benefit or gain. Help and compassion
from a place of love and kindness.

The Nathan Foundation is a non-profit fund assisting entrepreneurs to start
a single business by lending them an interest-free loan, without extra costs.






Million NIS

Noa Gorali,
Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner,
Zur Moshe

“I highly recommend turning to The
Nathan Foundation for a loan on your
way to fulfill a dream of opening a new,
active and successful business”

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Chen Asraf, Fashion designer,
Bet Shemesh

“People find it hard to believe that there is a fund that
disperses loans without interest. But this is the truth,
all they want is to help people and they simply do it”

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Nur Minaoui, Ceramicist,

“I turned to The Nathan Foundation during Covid.
Their earnestness made me feel that someone cares and I’m not alone.
They have given me s
elf confidence and a financial support”

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Karina and Jonathan,
Cheese dairy, Natur

“Thanks to The Nathan Foundation we were able to open
a boutique goat cheese dairy. We highly recommend
turning to them to all new entrepreneurs who are
considering opening a business”

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Who we are

The Nathan Foundation is a philanthropic fund created for the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurship by assisting first time entrepreneurs to start a new business by offering them affordable loans. The fund was established in 2008 by Nathan Kirsh, (Natie) a South African Zionist Jew, with the understanding that small and medium businesses are the growth engine of the Israeli economy.

The Nathan Foundation follows in the footsteps of Nathan Kirsh’s earlier successful philanthropic enterprise, the Kirsh Foundation, which has helped over 20,000 people in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). The fund helps entrepreneurs to build their own small-scale businesses, based on the motto that teaching a man to fish will feed him for a lifetime.

As a non-profit foundation, The Nathan Foundation encourages first time entrepreneurs to start their new business unhindered by refusals from traditional banks to grant them a loan. Following the premise that all people are equal, the foundation grants interest-free loans of up to 240,000 NIS repayable within 5 years, regardless of age, religion or gender, thus offering a unique and unrivaled service to Israeli citizens.

Natie Kirsh, Founder
Dorit Lahav Zur, CEO

How it’s done

Our team

Dorit Lahav Tsur


Ilan Aridor


Sigalit Cohen Tzedek


Haya Kakon

Office Manager

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